What is a Linked List?

A linked list is a collection of data elements, which are referred to as nodes. These nodes have a sequential order but unlike an array, these elements are not stored in sequential memory locations. Instead, each node has a reference to the next node in the sequence. Each node will also contain a piece of data.

The first node in a linked list is referred to as the head and the last element in a linked list is referred to as the tail. Instead of having a reference to a node, the tail has a reference to null.

A database transaction is a unit of changes to a database that can not be broken into smaller units of changes. When a database transaction is made all of the changes that make up the transaction must be successful in order for them to happen at all.

A situation where this condition to a data modification would occur is a payment or money transfer. If someone is making a payment then money will be withdrawn from their account and deposited into another account. A bank could not have money leave one account and never enter another account or be added…

Before we dive into the DOM, let’s talk about the structure of a webpage. A webpage consists of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The HTML provides the basic structure for a webpage. It determines what elements appear any webpage and in what order. CSS is what controls the aesthetics of a webpage. It determines the colors, sizes, fonts, and other stylistic properties of the elements on a webpage. CSS is applied to HTML elements.

What is the DOM?

The Document Object Model (DOM) is the code that represents the content of a webpage, in other words, the HTML and CSS…

An object is a datatype that holds information in the form of key value pairs. A good way to think of an object and its key value pairs is like a drawer full of labelled folders. The drawer represents the object itself, the folders represent the object’s keys, and the information inside the folders are the values that pair with the keys.

Each of these folders would need a label to identify it, which in the case of our object would be the string or number used as an identifier in the object’s key. When strings are used in keys…

  1. Create a new repository in Github by clicking the plus sign in the top right corner of your Github page and clicking “New repository” from the dropdown menu. This will bring you to a new page where you can specify a name for the new repository, write a description, and add additional information and content, like a Read Me.

Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet. It is a preprocessor scripting language that is compiled into CSS. Writing Sass is very similar to writing CSS in that it still makes use of the same types of selectors and relies on pairing CSS properties with values. The difference is that Sass expands on the functionality provided by CSS by allowing developers to use variables, nesting, imports, mixins, and inheritance. Sass expedites the development process and allows CSS to be written in more organized and efficient ways that make it easier for styling to be changed.


Variables are a simple and fundamental…

The SOLID principles are fundamental principles of programming that help keep code organized and efficient. SOLID is an acronym representing five principles of object oriented programming. The acronym is as follows.

Image by Scott Oliveri

Code reviews are an important part of software development. They can help a team to reinforce and follow standards and best practices, help developers to optimize their code, and prevent bad or bugged code from being released. Here are some tips for approaching code reviews in a way that is more effective, productive, and conducive to collaboration.

Understand and Communicate Context

It is important for a reviewer to understand what a code change is actually doing, how that area of the code relates to other parts of the code, and the impact the change will have on a program. Reviewing something without fully understanding…

Over the past year and a half I quit my job and decided to pursue a career in Software Engineering. I completed a Software Engineering boot camp and began my new career. This was a huge change that was sometimes terrifying to make. My journey throughout this transition has been filled with a lot of Impostor Syndrome. These are some of the things I have learned about Impostor Syndrome and how to deal with it through making this transition.

What is Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that can cause someone to feel like they are a fraud. It can cause a…

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